Jewelry with Intention.

Our Mission at Self Love Stones is to Raise the Vibration of Humanity.

One Stone, One Person, One Connection at a time.
We are Connection Jewelry.
We Connect Stones to People.
We Connect People to Themselves.
And to Others. And to the World Around them.

We are the product line of our parent company, At Higher Levels; an Organization providing Experiences & Education in Self Love & Spiritual Personal Development. Our organization believes that every human is filled with all of the love, light & power to make our world truly heal. In order to do that, we believe we all must go on our own path of Self Love & Understanding. By uniting people of all ages, colors, shapes & walks of life on this journey of Self Love, we are shining a light on what’s Possible when we Stand Together in Transformation. We use these powerful little gemstones to attach whoever is wearing it to their intention in the here & now. Each stone carries a unique energy that connects to both the intention set and to the web of people around the globe wearing a
Self Love Stone.

Each stone purchased goes to plant a tree.
1 Stone Purchased = 1 Tree Planted

Join our Web of Women wearing Self Love Stones & Shop our Selection of Stones

We also have an online community of women on their journey of Self Love with a virtual New Moon Circle & intention setting each month. Click here for more information on the Self Love Society.

Brand Announcements:
MEN’S Self Love Stones are coming!

We are expanding our wholesale/retail business & making more appearances at yoga festivals & brand markets. Want to join us? Or connect? Email us here.

Welcome to Self Love Stones!