Courageous Conversations: Lauren

Lauren is a medical professional, wife, and mother from Oklahoma who has been with Danielle and I on this journey of building strong, confident women for over 4 years. She’s a fun-loving lady whose favorite color is blue, like the big open Oklahoma skies, and in the winter she loves to snowboard and get in the Christmas spirit. We sat down to have a conversation about what Self-Love means to her and how it plays out in her daily life. 

What does self love mean to you?
To Lauren, self-love centers on “taking care of yourself, being comfortable with yourself, and being okay with putting yourself first.” As women, and especially as mothers, it can be difficult to prioritize ourselves, even for a little bit, over our kids, loved ones, and responsibilities. Lauren understands that taking care of the self is the first step to caring for others effectively.

Why is it important right now?
“Well, I work in medical, so I see it all the time. You need to take care of yourself to take care of others.” states Lauren, a Respiratory Therapist. Lauren is no stranger to the demands of the medical field and has plans to further develop her career path. “Right now my dream is to go to nursing school and eventually go on to become a Nurse Practicioner or CMA.” Her commitment to taking time to recharge and fill her cup will pay off in dividends for all of Lauren’s patients, present and future.

What has your journey of self love been like?
“It’s been a bit of a struggle…” Lauren says taking a pause, then continuing, “It’s been a struggle because I always put myself on the back burner and everyone else first. I’ve been realizing it’s okay to put myself first, especially ever since I’ve had my daughter because she deserves a good mom. I want her to have a good example.” When asked what her wishes were for her daughter, Lauren described how she hopes she will grow up “loving herself no matter what” and knowing that “life is a journey and there will be rough spots for sure, but she can always get through it.” What mother wouldn’t want that for her daughter?

What are you growing through on your journey?
“I started out by making time for myself.” says Lauren, further explaining that her daughter’s nap time is her time. “All else can wait, it’s time to myself.” During this time, Lauren can take advantage of her favorite forms of self care, including “Meditation, Yoga, or just laying outside.” This fall, Lauren will be joining the Camp Connection Retreat in Iowa. “It’s hard to break away from work and home but I think it’ll be good. I hope it will help me continue my journey towards self love.”

I’m so grateful to have had the time to sit down with Lauren and talk about the significance of this movement towards self love. No matter what our life circumstances are, what our goals and responsibilities are, or where we are at in our journeys, it is vitally important, as Lauren reminds us, to take time for ourselves so we can give our best to others - and to be at peace with making that decision on a continual basis. During the interview, lauren shared with me her favorite quote, attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Believe in your dreams, believe in yourselves, and believe in each other.

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